About Us

Who we are

At RK fitness factory, we like to get to know you and find out what inspires you, so we can help you achieve your goals. But what about us? If you have any burning questions about who we are, what we stand for, how you can get in touch or join our team, look no further. We’re delighted to be able to provide the means and motivation for people of all ages, shapes and sizes to get as fit as they can.We have landed with the latest Technogym equipment and personal training staff .The result is fun, friendly and affordable.We’re not only committed to improving the health of the people around. We want to do our bit to make the world greener. That’s why we try to run The Gym as sustainably as possible, according to our Green Policy.

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Our Philosophy

"Success is determined by those who prove the impossible, possible"

Here at RK FITNESS FACTORY Personal Training we share a similar philosophy. When you tell yourself that it is not possible; you limit yourself and set yourself up for failure, or at best sell yourself short. Our service is dedicated to helping you along the way to meeting that fitness goal that you never thought was ever possible.

* You gain a broad spectrum of fitness - Here at RK FITNESS FACTORY we incorporate all the aspects of fitness to create a balanced fitness session to include exercises that will improve your speed, endurance, agility, strength, power, and quickness. This is one of the clear advantages Bootcamp has over other classes, which tend to only focus on a couple areas of fitness. For example kettlebells tends to focus on local muscular endurance, power, and usually the glycolytic pathway of anaerobic respiration (kettlebells class tends to lack speed, agility and the other energy pathways). These other classes aren't bad, we offer these classes ourselves and have their advantages, but if you want an all round balanced exercise routine, RK FITNESS FACTORY is one of the best.

* Burn 600+ calories - if you are wanting to loose weight, RK FITNESS FACTORY is a great calorie burner which is very helpful to create that energy deficit that allows us to lose weight.

* The figure of 600 kcal burnt off from a rsession is based on readings from a Polar watch.

* Full Body Workout - In order to achieve a better body shape or gain functional fitness is important to have a full body workout. Our whole body consists of muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons, which are intended to create movement...therefore when we exercise we should work our entire body! This creates balance in terms of how we look, how we function and is the most effective. If all you ever do is go to "Legs, Bums & Tums", then your level of success is likely to be limited!

* It's fun & creates great team spirit!

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